Portland Birth Photographer Reviews and Testimonials
"It’s always slightly uncomfortable letting someone into the most personal and vulnerable experiences.
Despite the uncomfortable feeling of exposing your body, Natalie gets to know you on a personal level to where that feeling goes away. She makes sure you are comfortable with every step.
Natalie is far from a stranger! There is so much leading up to the birth that she is involved in and it really turns a stranger into a special part of your life.
We shared something so intimate with her and you really have to work up to that comfort level and she does that by being so invested the entire pregnancy.
I feel really great about my journey and having someone capture it all really means a lot to me.
I want to remember everything and Natalie captured everything.
My husband rolled his eyes at the cost but was willing to do it for me, to document our last baby. Now, seeing how happy they made me, he is completely pleased with it. He loves the photos and was excited to share them.
I’ve heard a lot of “those photos are amazing!” And mentions of how strong I am. Which isn’t something someone would see without the photos!
I am 100% happy with my investment.
Natalie captured some amazing shots and it wouldn’t have been the same without her there!"


- Rachel P.
Portland, Oregon
Had her water birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Lifestyle Newborn

husband holds his wife's hand laboring in the tub
baby's head emerges under water
crying mom holds her baby for the first time after a water birth
mother holds her newborn in white sheets
"I didn't have any hesitations about having Natalie in the room -- I was excited! For me, Natalie was already a friend. I really looked forward to having her peaceful presence and support in the birth room with me.
It was amazing to have her support, especially when I started to doubt myself.
I'm in love with my birth experience. It couldn't have gone any better.
I've received so many compliments and so much positive feedback. Some friends have even said they would want to have Natalie capture their experiences in the future.
Her work is stunning and absolutely worth every penny.
My partner was nervous about being photographed and having a stranger in the room with us. But now that it's all said and done, he loved the experience and he loves the memories we have to look back on.
I wanted to remember it all.
All of the little details.
The whole journey.
My need was more than fulfilled. I'm so grateful to have these memories to look back on!"


- Amanda R.
Portland, Oregon
Had her birth center birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth Film
Lifestyle Newborn + Maternity Photos

Maternity Photography review Portland Oregon
Water birth photographer Natalie Broders in Portland Oregon
Waterbirth at Andaluz
Birth photography Portland Oregon
"At first, we just weren't sure what to expect, to be honest! Our surrogate Katelyn found Natalie to photograph our birth. Natalie was a wonderful support to everyone! It was fun spending time with her too.
Now that we have the birth images, we feel incredible about our experience!
Hiring Natalie was 100% worth the investment. Far exceeded our expectations. The pictures are stunning!
We are just so happy we did this! It was so important to remember the day."


- Jim and Joe
New York City, New York
Had their surrogate birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth Film Package

two dads looking at their newborn baby
two dads holding their newborn baby for the first time
"I think my biggest hesitations was that the photos were going to be to in your face. Like gory, and just a lot to look at.
Everyone has cried seeing the photos. The moments she captured were so raw and incredible. Everything about it was special.
I searched all over online and Instagram and I can across her page and loved her style and picture coloring/mood, it just instantly felt right.
Natalie was amazing. She was apart of the group and was there for the long haul. I absolutely enjoyed having her around.
As a surrogate I wanted photos of me handing their baby to them for the first time and photos of the dads seeing their baby for the first time since I was so focused on the birth.
Natalie is worth every freaking dime. These photos are priceless and I’ll always cherish them."


- Katelyn C.
Vancouver, Washington
Had her surrogate birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth Film Package

surrogate holding newborn baby
surrogate holding baby with two dads in the background
"Natalie photographed the birth of my second son, and man do I wish that I would have found her for the birth of my first.
It was important for me to have a photographer for this birth as I didn’t have any photos from my first.
She was exactly what I needed. Not only did she do such an amazing job, but her presence during the whole thing added a sense of peace to the chaos of such a quick labor. For a split second I was worried that I where I delivered would make it impossible for Natalie to get good photos (I was in a little corner beside my bed) but as quickly as the thought came, it went and I just KNEW that everything was happening the way it was supposed to.
I will never have another baby without Natalie there to capture it!"

- Ke'Shala P.
Beaverton, Oregon
Had her home birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth Film Package

Home birth photography in Portland, Oregon by Natalie Broders: Birth Photographer
Newborn baby born at home in Portland, Oregon
"I had the pleasure of working Natalie the last week at a birth we both attended (I'm a birth doula).
She was very focused, pleasant, and did what it took to find shoots that were both beautiful and real (I actually took a photo of her trapped in the shower while our client labored in the bathroom.)
Her pictures turned out beautiful and I'd use her for my own births in the future simple based on the work ethic I witnessed last week."

- Brittany Lawrence, Birth Doula
Vancouver, Washington
Attended a home birth with Natalie

Doula hip squeezing, home birth photography
"Simply great! Natalie has photographed the birth of my second child, and we were amazed with her work, respect and attention to detail since the first contact.
Natalie managed to take an underwater photo exactly as my wife wanted.
Contracting Natalie for birth photography was certainly a great investment.
The birth photos and videos are a valuable, everlasting gift to ourselves, to remember such special moment."


- Priscila & Anselmo M.
Portland, Oregon
Birth Photography + Birth Film

Under water birth photography
Portland Birth Photographer Review
"There's no one better!
With my first pregnancy I met with a lot of photographers and eventually settled with someone I could tolerate...
With this pregnancy, I met Natalie and on our first meeting I just knew "SHE'S THE ONE!" And I didn't regret it ♥️
She takes the most beautiful pictures and captures the greatest moments! And she's really attentive to your needs and wants.
She's not just a photographer, she's really there for you! I'm very thankful Facebook advertised Natalie to me!
Can't wait to work with her again."


- Navanna B.
Vancouver, Washington
Birth Photography + Maternity

Vancouver Washington Birth Photographer
Vancouver Washington Birth Photographer
"I contacted Natalie a few days after my daughter was born.
It can be such a stressful, vulnerable time to imagine having someone over to photograph you and your newborn, but Natalie was incredibly warm and has such a gentle way of being present, that she really put me at ease and it all felt very natural.
The photos are beautiful and true to life, exactly what I wanted.
I also took my daughter to do one of her mini sessions in a field when she was 5 months old. Both sessions were absolutely worth it, and I’m so glad I did them!"


- Erin K.
Portland, Oregon
Raw Postpartum Session

Raw postpartum session in Portland, Oregon by Natalie Broders: Birth Photographer
Breastfeeding photo session in the sunflowers in Portland, Oregon by Natalie Broders: Birth Photographer
"Natalie was a perfect fit for our family. She made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole birth process. Absolutely no judgement and super encouraging in every way.
My only hesitation was the cost. But I decided it wasn’t in fact a cost, it was an investment. I wanted to document this special moment for our family.
People have LOVED seeing all the photos and hearing the story. They are super appreciative that I shared to special day with them.
She gifted us with the most amazing photos to remember our big day that I will cherish forever. I would highly recommend."

- Jackie S.
Portland, Oregon
Had her hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Lifestyle Newborn Package

Mother cries holding her baby for the first time in Portland Oregon
Parents and their newborn baby in bed with two siblings during Lifestyle Newborn session in Beaverton, Oregon
"It's easy to find a photographer. Let's face it, they are everywhere.
But what IS hard to find is a photographer that values your family as much as you do.
Natalie is amazing at building lasting relationships with her clients.
She's been here for us from our announcement photos all the way to newborn and will continue to be our photographer for every occasion!
She has built such a special bond with our family during this process. We still go visit her often and she is always checking in on the progress of our family.
I can't thank her enough for capturing all the moments she has for our family, but especially the birth of my second son.
You can't put a price on memories, but she is WELL worth the money. <3 If you are looking for a photographer, SHE'S YOUR GIRL!"

- Tiana S.
Portland, Oregon
Had her hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth Film + Lifestyle Newborn Package

pushing at hospital birth photography in Portland, Oregon
lifestyle newborn photography session in Portland, Oregon
"Natalie was wonderful throughout the whole process. At our first meeting she answered all our questions and put us at ease.
We met a couple times before the birth, and I could have sat and talked with her forever. She has a very calming and positive presence and made us comfortable throughout the whole process.
The images she captured are beautiful, and we are so grateful to have these memories.
My husband was able to support me and experience the birth of and first bonding moments with his son without having to be the one documenting through photos.
If you’re debating having birth photography, do it and hire Natalie!"


- Joy C.
Portland, Oregon
Had her hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography Package

Laboring at a hospital in Portland, Oregon
Leaning on a birthing ball during a contraction
"Natalie is the best that a Midwife can hope for in a Birth Photographer.
She is kind, non-obtrusive, and really captures the raw and authentic sweet moments at birth.
She is a wonderful member of a Birth Team and I highly recommend her."

- Naomi O'Callaghan, Midwife
Vancouver, Washington
Vancouver Community Midwives

midwife at home birth in Vancouver, Washington
"Before I hired Natalie, I was unsure if we really needed to have birth videos and pictures as this was our first baby.
Originally my partner was going to take the pictures - but that would mean that he wouldn’t be in any of our photos.
We wanted to have pictures of the whole process with both of us in there.
Everyone who's seen our images from Natalie say that they all look really good.
When we saw our photos and videos, it made us remember how small she really was not that long ago. Time flies by really quickly.
Natalie didn’t pressure us to do anything we didn’t want to. She made everything feel mature and she was just so great through it all.
We're so glad that we did it and went with Natalie. She was such a great find.
My husband thinks we made the right choice and I do too."


- Sheena Y.
Portland, Oregon
Birth Photography + Birth Film + Lifestyle Newborn + Newborn Film

Birth photography by Natalie Broders
Lifestyle newborn photographer in Portland, Oregon
"Natalie was amazing! She captured everything we wanted and the pictures were AMAZING! I will definitely have her at my next birth!
Before hiring Natalie, I felt nervous about being in pictures. But she was flexible and cared about our wishes. She captured everything I wanted and all the pictures came out amazing.
Other people have said say the pictures are beautiful and totally worth the investment.
Hiring Natalie was the best choice I've made. I wanted to capture that special moment and I'm so happy with how the photos and birth video turned out."

- Sophia S.
Vancouver, Washington
Had her home birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth FIlm Package

home birth photography in Vancouver, Washington
father holds his newborn baby, vancouver washington home birth photography
"I'm very shy and I wasn't sure if I wanted to allow someone I didn't know very well in the room during labor.
Everything was different after getting to know Natalie.
She made me feel very comfortable and confident in my body. Natalie was very professional and my boyfriend and I felt really comfortable with her there. She was very respectful to our wishes when taking photographs and video. She was amazing the whole time, from the first time meeting her until the day of delivery, I never felt like I was doing the wrong thing by hiring her.
Natalie was the right fit for me because she is very down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable, she is very helpful and reassuring throughout labor.
I'm SO happy I found Natalie, I watch my birth video over and over again.
I don't ever want to go through labor without Natalie there, catching every moment!"

- Ali R.
Gresham, Oregon
Had her hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth FIlm Package

Newborn baby being handed to mother after hospital birth photography
newborn looks up at her mother after birth
"Natalie has a desirable presence during such an intimate experience!
We decided it was something we'd budget for, because I wanted to remember this beautiful phase of life forever.
Her presence was soothing and reassuring and enriched the entire birthing process for our family.
Natalie's attention to detail created beautiful photos that are invaluable to us! We are forever grateful for her devotion and talent!"

- Jasmine C.
Portland, Oregon
Had her home birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth FIlm + Lifestyle Newborn Package

Home birth photograpy in Portland, Oregon
Lifestle newborn photography in Portland Oregon
"My biggest regret from my first birth was not having professional quality photos to capture every little moment that I eventually forgot.
Now, I love looking back on my birth photos and birth video and just reliving the moments over and over again. I'm forever grateful for the priceless memories Natalie captured for us. Having her present at my son’s birth just added so much joy to the experience!
I can never thank her enough for giving me those priceless memories to keep forever. I'm beyond grateful."

- Annie A.
Portland, Oregon
Had her hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth FIlm + Lifestyle Newborn Package

Hospital birth photography in Portland, Oregon
Breastfeeding newborn baby lifestyle newborn photography
"Before we hired Natalie, I thought birth photography wasn't worth it. I told her we shouldn't waste this money. I wasn't very into the idea.
But now that we have these birth images and video that Natalie created, I'm so happy we did this. It is absolutely beautiful."

- Brian D.
Gresham, Oregon
Had their hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography + Birth FIlm Package

Father smiles down at his newborn baby after birth
"I can vouch that Natalie is absolutely so amazingly talented.
My husband didn’t know what to expect... But, given that I’m the one laboring, he let me decide.
Now, he is so proud of the birth pictures and video that Natalie did. He shows them to everyone! And he loves Natalie now.
We WILL hire her again. Best investment along with a doula that we made. Game changer and so precious to have captured this beautiful moment. ❤️"

- Jenn V.
Portland, Oregon
Had their hospital birth documented by Natalie
Birth Photography Package

Birth photography at Good Samaratin Hospital in Portland, Oregon
"Natalie is amazing.
She captured my daughter in beautiful light, she was a pleasure to work with and I’ve never had so many great photos taken of me and my family! I am 100% pleased with every photo!
She went above and beyond and then some just to capture the best photos possible. I would highly recommend her and will definitely call her again!"

- Rachel P.
Portland, Oregon
One Year Old + Family Session

One year old and family photography in Portland, Oregon
"We LOVE the photos Natalie took of our family!
The entire experience was great.
We'll definitely hire her again."

- Jenn F.
Portland, Oregon
Family Session

Family photography in Columbia County Oregon
"Natalie is phenomenal!
Her photography style is on point and her beautiful personality put even my shy girls at ease!
She is everything I could have wanted in a photographer and she gave my family the most wonderful photo experience.
The memories she captured are truly priceless!"

- Robin M.
Portland, Oregon
Family Session

Family photography in Portland, Oregon
"It was such a pleasure booking our shoot with Natalie. She was beyond what we could of hoped for in a photographer.
This woman is one of the most patient, kind, loving, personable and thoughtful photographers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. Her entire persona was exactly what we needed as a family. She has definitely set the bar high here.
She not only took the time to connect with my family but she didn't rush us either. That was huge for us, as we did not feel like she posed us and just snapped a few pictures.
She actually took her time with my children and myself. She was able to capture moments in time I will cherish forever.
I will absolutely be booking my next photo session with her. In hindsight, I now know how a photography shoot should go, and I really missed out In the past.
Natalie - Thank you so much for this amazing experience, we will treasure it forever. Or at least until our next session!"

- Niki F.
Portland, Oregon
Family Session

Family photography in Portland, Oregon
Motherhood photographer in Portland, Oregon
"Natalie is a natural! I received my photos so quickly from her website and they are so adorable!"

- Amber S.
Portland, Oregon
Family Session

Family photography in Portland, Oregon
"Natalie is such a sweet and easy person to be around. I didn’t know what to expect doing a lifestyle session as I never have before and she captured our family perfectly. I will cherish these pictures forever! Highly recommend her! Thank you SO much!"

- Heather E.
Portland, Oregon
Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle newborn photography

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Birth only happens once.

You're gonna want to remember this.

Portland Birth Photographer: Natalie Broders

"Hiring Natalie was by far the best investment we made."

- Jen, Portland Oregon


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