Husband rubs wife's back during a contraction
Laboring mom works hard during a contraction
Woman leans on her husband during a contraction at their home birth
Laboring mother on the toilet working through a contraction
Mother cries during labor
Water birth at Andaluz Waterbirht Center in Portland, Oregon
Mother labors in the bathtub during a contraction
Husband supports his wife during labor at home birth
Baby's head emerges during birth
Mother's face during pushing phase of birth
Mom births her baby at home in a squatting position and dad catches baby
Dad catches his baby being born
Mother holds her baby for the first time
Water birth at Andaluz Waterbirht Center in Portland, Oregon
Mom and dad look down at their newborn baby immediately after birth
Husband and wife kiss after their baby is born
Mother laboring in water at Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Portland by Natalie Broders
Mother overcome by emotion when she sees her baby for the first time
Birth partner husband holds a bowl for a woman in labor in case she vomits
Water birth at Andaluz Waterbirht Center in Portland, Oregon
Woman laboring in the bathroom is supported by her doula
Dad uses scissors to cut the umbilical cord
Dad holds his baby girl for the first time
Healthy baby girl with vernix on her face
Mother breastfeeds her baby for the first time after birth
Healthy baby girl with blue eyes and blonde hair is quiet alert after birth
Closeup of newborn baby's head, arm and shoulders
Newborn baby cries as mother changes diaper, black and white photo by Natalie Broders
Sleeping baby being cared for by mother, photo by Natalie Broders
Newborn baby cries
New mother smiles down at her swaddled baby, photo by Natalie Broders
New parents lovingly touch foreheads above their newborn baby
Newborn baby sleeping in swaddle blanket
New parents kiss over their newborn baby while she breastfeeds
Looking over mother's shoulder at newborn baby all swaddled up
Woman leans over hospital bed during a contraction with her eyes closed
Doula places her hand on laboring mother's lower back during a contraction
Birth partner husband holds his wife's shoulders during labor
Laboring woman sitting on a birthing ball being massaged by her doula
Laboring mother closes her eyes as her own mother touches her back
Doula reaches out to comfort a woman in labor before the birth of her child
During third stage of labor, she pushes her baby out on her back with her knees bent to her chest
In between words, a newborn baby all covered in goo is delivered by an obstetrician
Look of releif on mother's face as her baby is placed on her chest for the first time while the baby's father looks happy and surprised
New father smiles down at his newborn baby girl on mother's chest immediately after birth
Baby's first cry, newborn still purple from birth
Big brother meets his baby sister for the first time after his new sibling was born

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