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What makes me different?

I’m trained as a Cornerstone Doula and a
Rights Informed Birth Advocate
taught by Cristin Pascucci of Birth Monopoly.


I’m your advocate – that means I will actively work to help you achieve the birth you want.

Did you know that just because you sign a piece of paper when you’re admitted in labor, you have not signed all your rights away?

Informed Consent.

You *always* have the right to Informed Consent, at any point during your time under their care.

Psychological and emotional pressure is a violation of your rights.

You have rights.

Saying a procedure is “safer for your baby” without giving you information about the Benefits, Risks, Alternatives is a violation of your rights.

You always have the right to say “no.”

I’ll clear the room so we can talk about anything that deviates from your birth preferences before you make a decision.

If you need more than a cheerleader…

If you want to know there’s someone in the room who knows your birth preferences…

AND will help you stand up for them..

What is a Cornerstone Doula?

Cornerstone Labor & Birth Doulas are internationally recognized as leaders in birth justice and advocacy. Cornerstone Doulas provide continuous unbiased, client-centered support throughout the reproductive lifespan. This support focuses on the whole person, family and community and encompasses emotional, physical, psychosocial, and educational support techniques. Cornerstone doulas employ individualized supportive communication, culturally responsive care, hands-on therapeutic techniques and an equitable approach with all clients.

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Birth Doula Services

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“Hiring Natalie was by far the best investment that we made.

We WILL hire her again.”

– Jen
Portland, OR

How it Works:

1. Schedule a free consultation.

1. Let's meet.

We’re going to get to know each other, and make sure we vibe.

2. Call me when you're in active labor.

2. Call me when you're in labor.

I’ll join you immediately.

3. Have an empowered birth.

3. Feel safe and secure

knowing that I have your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept payments?

Yes! Most moms choose a monthly payment plan. Please inquire for more information.

How long will you stay with me during labor?

I’ll stay with you for an unlimited number of hours. You don’t need to worry about going “over” time if you have a long labor – I’m not going anywhere. I stay with you through 2 hours postpartum. I’ll return to visit within 1-2 weeks postpartum, too.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

I add your phone number to a special list on my phone so you can ring my phone, even in the middle of the night, even on silent. When you call me, I’m ready to jump in the car. My bags are packed and I’m ready – even at 2:00AM!

What about a backup?

In the unlikely event of an illness or emergency, I contract a talented & experienced backup birth doula. You don’t pay anything for backup services.

Shouldn’t you have the birth you’ve been dreaming of?

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