Birth Photography in the time of Covid-19 - Portland Birth Photographer, Natalie Broders

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m a birth photographer, videographer and doula serving Portland, OR and the surrounding areas.

Portrait of Natalie Broders, Portland Birth Photographer, Filmmaker and Doula

I wanted to let my clients and their midwives know everything I’m doing to keep myself and my birth clients healthy, so I put together this list.

My intention is to build trust and let midwives and birthing people know how seriously I’m taking my own health and viral prevention.

Precautions I’m taking before the birth

  • We have chosen to stay isolated at home since March 7 because I work around birthing people
  • My kids are homeschooled and my husband is on furlough
  • We use grocery pick-up instead of going into the store
  • We live in a small farm outside of town
  • We grow our own food and raise our own meat
  • Moved all my birth client meetings to video calls
  • Communicating with parents and midwives about these precautions in advance

Precautions I’m taking at the birth

  • I sterilize all my equipment
  • I sterilize my birth shoes after each birth
  • I change my clothes when arriving/leaving
  • I wear a mask and gloves
  • I invite providers to take my temperature upon arrival to confirm no fever
  • If I were to have any symptoms, I pay a contracted backup to go in my place
water birth photography in Portland, OR


My family and I are very privileged to live on a bit of property where we can get outside our home to release our pent-up energy.

We have been spending a lot of time outside on our farm, barefoot in the grass trying to connect to mother earth and digging in the garden.

home birth photography
newborn baby breastfeeding for the first time

Hospital Guidelines

As of this writing, some Portland area hospitals are allowing 1 person in the room with birthing people. 99% are choosing to have their partner present.

Some Portland area hospitals have recently updated their visitor policy to 1 partner + 1 doula.

I am offering virtual doula support to hospital birth clients. For birthing people without a partner, or whose hospital allows partner + doula, I am still working as a doula for these hospital births.

Photography clients planning a hospital birth may still have the day documented with a Laboring At Home session + Coming Home session.

Home Birth or Birth Center

I am still attending home births and birth center births, given the precautions above.

I’ll communicate with your midwives about the steps and precautions I’m taking in order to build trust before you’re in labor.

I ask that my clients give me the same reassurances I’m offering them: please make every effort to limit social contact before your birth to limit the chance of exposure to me

At your birth, I won’t shake hands or hug. Sorry – I know, it’s really tough. I’m a hugger!

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Flexible Payments

Most clients choose to spread their birth photography package out into monthly payments preceding their birth, with balance paid in full by 37 weeks (when I go on call for you).

Because this is a special circumstance, I’m offering to extend payment plans for families who request it.

I know this is a time of financial stress for many families, and I passionately feel within my heart that NO ONE should miss out on having their birth documented because of financial reasons.

With balance paid in full, you’d receive sneak peek images 24 hours after birth, and a full gallery in 4-6 weeks.

With an extended payment plan, you wouldn’t receive any images until the balance is paid in full.

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