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Water birth at Andaluz of Portland, Oregon

Priscila and her family are originally from Brazil. Brazil has a voluntary C-Section rate over 85%.

Priscila felt drawn toward having both her babies vaginally and unmedicated. Her first child was born in Brazil, where she labored as long as possible at home before going to the hospital.

With her second baby, she chose to give birth at Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Portland, Oregon.

She wanted to be surrounded by her birth team, encouraging people to stay in the room with her, apply counterpressure, and even letting her son get into the water with her!

mother holds her belly during a contraction

Priscila: “I prepared a bag of clothing for the entire family, a carry on bag full of food that I’d like to eat during labor (in case it was much longer than it was), toys for my son, a coffee machine (I like a very specific way to drink coffee + milk) and decorations for the room. Even though I ended not eating what I carried (nor drank coffee!) it was helpful to have everything ready for the moment to go to the birth center.”

upstairs at Andaluz, 5 year old son and mother in labor

Her 5 year old son, Alvaro, blew up and released balloons to the entertainment of the entire birth team.

son watches mother having a contraction during labor

Priscila: “It all started on a sunny November 19th, 2019 – my husband’s Birthday. In the morning I felt something was different with contractions. In the evening my water broke, from that moment on everything changed.”

midwife listens to baby's heartbeat during a contraction while in labor

One of the best things about having a baby with midwives is intermittent fetal monitoring.

nightstand next to the bed at Andaluz in Portland

She bought items from home to decorate their room at Andaluz.

Priscila created this beautiful painting for Olga with love. Every member of the birth team received a beautiful custom handmade pad of paper that Priscila created with Olga’s name on it.

mother hugs her son

Time seemed to stand still as she relished the last hours her son would be an only child.

squatting in labor

Squatting seemed to feel best to Priscila during contractions.

laboring leaning on her husband

She would lean on her husband Anselmo for support.

laboring in water at Andaluz

The birth tub was ready and she climbed into the warm water.

son climbs into the birth tub with mother

Alvaro wanted to get in too!

child in birth tub at a waterbirth in Portland

He was cracking us up, asking if his sister was here yet and checking between mom’s legs.

water birth photography in Portland, Oregon
child in the birth tub

No splashing, Alvaro.

blowing bubbles in the birth tub

Well, what about blowing bubbles?

father and doula at waterbirth

Priscila’s labor started on her husband Anselmo’s birthday! They brought his cake and candle along and we all sang him happy birthday. Their daughter was born after midnight, so they don’t share a birthday after all.

bot takes a bite of cake in the bathtub

Who doesn’t like to eat cake in the bath?

boy facetimes with family during a birth

Priscila’s phone facetimed her family in Brazil the entire labor and birth.

mother squatting in a birth tub at Andaluz
laboring in water in Portland, Oregon
waterbirth photography in Portland, Oregon
son holding space for his mother giving birth

The nitty gritty work of bringing forth life.

what does a mucus plug look like?

Ever wondered what a mucus plug looks like?

mucus plug during childbirth

Look! It’s my mucus plug!

doula applying counterpressure to her lower back during a contraction
doula applying counterpressure to her lower back during a contraction

Her doula put pressure on her lower back during contractions.

squatting down during a contraction holding her husband's hands
breathing baby down

Breathe baby down.

leaning on her partner during labor

Leaning into each wave, supported by her incredible husband.

midwife holding space

Holding space and connecting in between waves.

intermittent monitoring during labor in the water
birth affirmations written in portuguese

Priscilla’s birth affirmations written in Portuguese.

low light birth photography

Low light birth photography capturing the ambiance of the room.

son leans on the edge of the birth tub

Tiny birth doula.

midwife Tracy takes vitals at Andaluz

Midwife Tracy taking vitals.

midwife Serenty applying counterpressure

Midwife Serenty applied counterpressure to Priscila’s sacrum.

laboring in water

You’re so close to meeting your baby.

child plugs his ears during labor

Pushing was the loudest part of her birth, and Alvaro put his fingers in his ears.

counterpressure on the sacrum

Pressure on her sacrum helped her cope with each contraction.

baby's head emerging under water

First emergence.

baby's head emerging during water birth photography - portland oregon andaluz

They brought a GoPro to capture under-water footage!

midwife pushing baby through mom's legs under water

Midwife Tracy passed baby through Priscila’s legs to the front.

mother receiving her baby

Reach down and pick up your baby.

mother receiving her baby

“I did it!”

father and brother looking at their new baby sister born in the water in Portland, Oregon


father and brother admire their new baby

Father and son admiring Priscila, her strength, beauty, and the smallest member of their family.

beautiful newborn baby girl immediately after birth

The most beautiful baby in the world.

water birth photography in Portland, Oregon

She’s finally here!

delivering the placenta after birth

Checking out her placenta.

mother holding baby in water with placenta floating nearby

Priscila used handfuls of water to keep baby Olga warm.

new brother looking at his newborn baby sister

Alvaro was absolutely enamored with his baby sister.

birth center photography in Portland, Oregon

Fresh baby next to her placenta, still connected to the cord.

dad feels the umbilical cord for pulsing

“Feel the cord, it’s still pulsing!”

umbilical cord turns white with delayed cord clamping, indicating all the blood transferred to the baby from the placenta

The umbilical cord turns white with delayed cord clamping, indicating all the blood transferred to the baby from the placenta.

father and son with their newborn baby in bed after birth

Still connected to her placenta, baby Olga was placed skin-to-skin with her father.

mother and father with their newborn in bed after birth

Priscila said, “it was very reassuring to give my daughter to her father to do skin to skin while my midwife Tracy evaluated my perineum.”

midwife handing scissors to big brother

Alvaro, age 5, had the honor of cutting the cord.

brother cutting the umbilical cord

Midwife Tracy of Andaluz Waterbirth Center waited until the cord was done pulsing before disconnecting baby from her placenta.

closeup of newborn baby's hair and back, Portland birth photography

The fine, tiny details of a brand new baby.. the dimples in her shoulders, the tiny folds of her arms, the beautiful hairs on her head.

breastfeeding in bed at Andaluz in Portland, Oregon

Papa helped support baby Olga in the shared family bed to breastfeed.

father smiles down at his newborn daughter

Proud papa discovering his daughter for the first time.

sidelying nursing in bed

Side-lying nursing came naturally to her immediately.

Proud big brother.

Now a family of four!

Baby Olga

8 lbs 1 oz / 3.650 kg

20 in / 50.8 cm


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