Camden's Birth Story: Good Sam Hospital in Portland

Note from birth photographer Natalie Broders:

Trigger warning: Infant resuscitation.

This is a birth that shook me to my core.

It took time for all of us to process what had happened.

Everyone is okay.

We are all so grateful for baby Camden, every single time we see him.

I will never forget the superhuman strength that she had – when they told her she had to get him out ON THIS PUSH or she was going for an emergency C-Section. The nurses cleared a path to wheel her bed out of the room. With pure determination and power, she roared her baby out to safety. I have the utmost respect for her!

You can read Tiana’s birth story in her own words below.

Tiana’s Birth Story

Camden Lee (baby #2)

7lbs 7oz, 20in

4/7/2019 @ 8:12pm

Labored 3 hours at home, 6 hours in the hospital


Labor began on a rainy, wet, gloomy spring day. I woke up at 6am, 24 hours before my scheduled induction with intense vaginal pressure and my stomach was rock hard. I was not convinced I was in labor though so I got up, showered and got ready to go to Costco! In the 2 hours it took us to get ready I went from “no way am I in labor, we ARE going to Costco,” – to calling my family to tell them we were headed to the hospital instead!

Even upon arriving at the hospital we left our belongings in the car because we were not convinced it was time.

I made sure to have a cute labor gown packed in my bag. Other then that, I went with the flow this time. I did not want to be disappointed if things didn’t go the way I planned. During labor, I remember laughing, a lot!! But honestly don’t remember why!

I was able to talk, walk and get ready through my contractions. I was laughing (yet seriously angry I was not going to Costco!!). With my first, my water broke and contractions started instantly after, so I knew it was time. This time felt like my first time all over again. I had no idea what was going on or what to expect.

During my labor I had my husband, mom, grandma, and good friend/photographer, Natalie. Every single one of them played a huge role in my delivery. They all encouraged me, supported me and guided me.

They kept conversation going, and we shared plenty of laughs which I truly believe is how I made it so long without the epidural!

My mom soothed me by playing with my hair and rubbing my shoulder and arms while speaking encouraging and loving words. My grandma encouraged and cheered me along, cried with me, kept me cool with a washcloth and played with my hair.

My husband, was quite emotional and quiet, but held my hand the entire time and did not leave my side.

Natalie sat with me and spoke encouraging words, captured moments I never want to forget, guided me through the process and did her best to help keep me as comfortable as possible. She also ordered me my first after birth meal! YUM!!!

As I progressed through labor, I was in shock and scared. I could not believe I was about to bring another baby into this world. It felt like I was dreaming! I went until an hour before pushing him out with no epidural, which for me (I’m the biggest sissy in the world when it comes to pain) was huge!

I was pretty proud of myself. But also….. VERY happy when I did get that epidural!


I had quite a traumatic birth. It felt like a bad dream. It went absolutely nothing like I planned. But I was able to deliver him vaginally and didn’t have to be induced which were a huge plus for me!!

I pushed for 25 minutes from start to finish.

After my water broke and I started pushing, he flipped sunny side up was laying on his umbilical cord which made his heart rate decrease to a dangerous level. They then called in more nurses for back up and I instantly began to panic.

My OB brought in the vacuum assist and told me I had to get him out IMMEDIATELY and to make my pushes count. They then called and started to get things for a C section ready. I instantly began to panic and felt like I couldn’t push. I was short of breath and terrified. But I gave it all my strength and got him out safely!

The moment he came out, they had to cut the cord (we had planned to delay) and take him over to the warmer to get him breathing. I remember looking over panicked and in tears watching them lift his lifeless hand up and drop it several times.

They then asked Natalie to stop photographing – which they only said they would do if something was wrong. The look on my husband and Natalie’s face instantly panicked me more (they were up close). They stuck a tube down his throat and put a mask on him to help get him breathing.

FINALLY I watched his chest rise and his face turn pink!!! I cannot even describe the emotions running through me in those moments. I just wanted my baby in my arms and safe.

I was beyond relieved the moment they laid him in my chest. I instantly began to cry. I could not believe what had all just happened and hat he was finally in my arms. In that moment I thought to myself “I’m never letting him out of my arms!”

I was in complete shock for several hours. It was like I was daydreaming. It was a lot faster and more complicated then I imagined.

Scott (dad) cried and sat directly next to me while I held our son. They wouldn’t let anyone else hold him for 2 hours. My whole family cried when they met Camden.

newborn baby boy swaddled in a blue blanket

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