Blessingway: The Anti-Baby Shower

There’s a new trend I keep hearing about called a blessingway.

It’s basically the opposite of a baby shower.

A blessingway honors the mother.

Women gather together to empower and support her as she steps into the role of bearing and raising children. It’s a rite of passage, a support circle for the expecting mother, held with a small group of people of the most trusted and cherished women in her life (family, friends, etc).

Stories of recollection during past childbirth and mothering experiences are shared. Mama to be is empowered with the knowledge that she has a strong support system to prepare her for her journey into motherhood.

Sometimes they pamper her, or create belly art or henna on her bump.

Personally, I love the idea of celebrating motherhood and the MOTHER rather than showering her with baby gifts. That’s just me though!

Mother Rising by Yana Cortlund is a great book you can get on  Amazon with tons of useful information about how to organize a blessingway for your pregnant friend or loved one.


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