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After Birth Pains

Have you heard of afterbirth pains? I don’t remember this at all after my first, but after my second the after pains were REAL.

For me it lasted about 3-4 days postpartum but I’ve heard it can vary. Breastfeeding triggers the release of oxytocin, which makes your uterus contract, helping to shrink it down in the hours and weeks after birth.

I’ve HEARD that it gets worse with each baby you have, but I only have two so I can’t say for sure. Any experienced mamas want to weigh in?

BTW, I used an herbal tincture called AfterEase from WishGarden and it helped a lot, I’d recommend any expecting mama have it in her toolkit before birth. It has crampbark, black haw bark, yarrow and motherwort.

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