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5 reasons why I love Midwives

– continuity of care with one provider that gets you, knows your family and your preferences.

– midwives improve birth outcomes! Mothers who use midwives are less likely to be induced, require vacuum or forceps, or be induced. They’re more likely to go into labor spontaneously and reach full term.

– midwives receive training in normal physiological birth. They are able to facilitate a birth that unfolds in the safest possible way and only intervene when medically necessary

– midwives offer individualized care, rather than simply monitoring the progression of a pregnancy, midwives monitor the woman as a whole. Prenatal appointments with a midwife are usually 45-60 minutes spent with your provider (not a nurse!) focusing on nutrition, mental preparation for birth, and informed decision making. They treat each mother and baby as unique, not one size fits all.

– they do your freaking laundry! After birth, whether you’re at a birth center or had a home birth, your midwives take care of everything. From warm towels, to clean sheets, treating any stains, they will make you feel mothered and cared for.


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