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My first child was born in 2015. When I found out I was pregnant, I was anxious and frightened about the unknowns of giving birth. Have you ever felt this way? I started preparing by reading every childbirth book I could get my hands on and attending Bradley Childbirth education classes. I loved reading other women’s birth stories, looking at birth photos, and watching birth videos. My son was born at a birth center in Portland under the care of a midwife team. It was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.

Emboldened by the knowledge of my body’s ability, my second baby was born at home, in our living room, surrounded by family. My midwife answered my call at 2:30AM when my water broke (why is it always 2:30AM?). My birth team headed over right away, and my baby was born not long after. I had my daughter in a birth tub set up in my living room, in a kneeling position, and I caught her myself! I will always treasure this memory and I remember the the euphoric relief that follows like it was yesterday.

Natalie Broders, Birth Photographer in Portland Oregon

My Mission

I believe in the sacred space of birth and honoring a mother’s wishes during her birthing journey. Because birth is such a transformative experience, I believe every woman deserves to have her birth story documented. It is truly a once in a lifetime moment.

I’ve always been interested in creating beautiful images and fine art. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Web Development and Graphic Design from the Art Institute 10 years ago. I even attended an art-centric high school, with a focus on photography, drawing, and sculpture.

Chasing My “Why”

I understand all the anticipation of the third trimester – I bet you can relate! I empathize with the hard work that goes into labor and birth, the intensity of contractions bringing your baby earthside. I’ve felt the surge of emotions that accompanies seeing your child for the first time, when you’ve wondered what they will look for nine long months. The indescribable moment when dad finally gets to hold his child, and when siblings see each other for the very first time.

Natalie Broders family portrait, son and daughter
Natalie Broders family portrait, mother, father, son and daughter

Natalie’s headshot and family portraits provided courtesy of La Bella Vita Photography

Home & Family

At home, my husband Derrick and I have a small farm in St Helens. We have a few acres, around 100-200 chickens, three goats, two cows, and a Livestock Guardian Dog named Ina May. Derrick and I are proud to provide home grown organic vegetables, beef and poultry for our family. We intend to homeschool our two children, Finn and Freya. I’m an active member of my local community and a founding board member of a nonprofit, MOM of Columbia County. I help facilitate monthly breastfeeding support meetings, organize skill building classes for moms, and community outreach including holiday meals, toy drives, and free clothing swaps for families. My days are spent working from home, caring for our children, preparing home cooked meals, and tending the farm.

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