Midget White Turkeys

When breeding Midget White turkeys, care should be taken in the selection of breeding stock to retain the small size of the breed. Once the young turkeys are well feathered they have the ability to fly, so care must be taken to prevent escape. Adult Midget Whites are less likely to take flight as they get heavier. These diminutive turkeys are unusually friendly and will approach people and pets without much concern.

Throw away all the turkey legends when dealing with MWTs.  Midgets are not stupid, won’t drown looking up at the rain, aren’t susceptible to diseases that ravage the commercial birds, such as blackhead, and do not have to be artificially inseminated.  When we initially ordered our birds we had one loss upon arrival and another due to an accident with the waterer.  All the others flourished.  They got wet as dishrags on rainy days, don’t mind walking on snow (and we had a lot of it) and seemed hardier than chickens in many ways.

Great MWT Resrouce